RiceVermicelli (ricevermicelli) wrote,

status update

danceboy here.

ricevermicelli is out (reconstructive) surgery. It was more complicated than expected, but she's doing fine.

Visits should wait until she's home, which will be Saturday at the earliest.

Updates as they happen.
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Thank you for the update. May all go more easily from here.

Keeping you all in thoughts, for whatever it's worth.

More concrete helps available on request. :-)
All that +1
Thank you for the update.

Best wishes for a quick and less complicated recovery.
Best wishes!
Thanks for letting us know; sending wishes for speedy healing for her and miraculous calm for members of your household under five feet tall.
Ah- I think I had a hint, but hadn't put it all together. Thank you, A.
Noted. Thank you.

Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!
Please pass on our love and good wishes for a speedy recovery.
Best wishes. I have you guys in my thoughts.
Tuesday to Saturday for reconstructive surgery? :-( That does not sound good at all. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I was gonna type this whole explanation, but the m sleepy and on smart phone. In brief: it's not implants, so the length of stay is only a day or so off plan. You shouldn't worry as though they botched an implant job and extended the stay to deal.
That's a relief. No need to explain, we all just hope you're ok.

Team Crankypants has a flippant but basically accurate description.

I'm worried to say it, but from where I'm sitting, the last entry there looks bucket-listy rather than flippant-discriptiony.
The description is right at the start - repurposed parts. And then there's bucket list.


3 years ago

Hope her recovery goes well
Hope her recovery goes well
I hope her recovery is swift and uncomplicated.
Best wishes for an easy recovery!
Thank you for the update, and my very best wishes to ricevermicelli for a smooth recovery.
Wishing you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery!
Best wishes that things become less complicated than expected and chart a smooth course from this point on.
Thanks for the update. Hope everybody hangs in there!
Swift and full recovery to you!
Get well soon. You've been in our prayers.