RiceVermicelli (ricevermicelli) wrote,

Les Jeux Sont Fait

I anticipate Boston schools will pre-emptively announce a Tuesday closure sometime tonight.
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Laissez les bon temps rouler!

The real question is whether they cancel Wednesday at the same time...
I don't think Wednesday can be cancelled. Pugsley, maybe. But certainly not Wednesday.
That is not a question. They will cancel Tuesday. They will cancel Wednesday. They will cancel Pugsley. If ice materializes on Thursday or Friday, they will cancel then too.

It turns out to be really hard to re-open post-blizzard when your school assignment and busing strategies result in kids being assigned to school bus stops up to half a mile from home.
Seems raaaather likely. If they call state of emergency, I'm happily off the hook, too.


January 26 2015, 02:05:29 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  January 26 2015, 02:05:46 UTC

Sacré bleu! There's a Severe French Toast Alert!
Your icon is not my favorite MA road sign. This is my favorite MA road sign.
I've yet to make it into an avatar, but I've another photo that reads "there's a wicked stawm comin'." But yours elicited immediate and boisterous laughter just the same.

I dearly hope your home doesn't get inundated.
We're in a really weird spot on the flood maps - it's not a thing I'm worried about for the house, but I won't be shocked when the day finally comes that washes Morrissey off the map entirely.
They're calling for "milk, bread, and eggs." This is an incorrect system. You are best off buying the cinnamon swirl bread*, eggs and buttermilk. Buttermilk is a key ingredient here: It causes the eggs to thicken, getting a better coating on the bread when you fry it.

Also, be liberal** with your use of butter on the griddle. Sticking French toast to the griddle really messes up your French toast groove. Re-butter after each set of toasts come off the grill.

Alternatively, use the Pioneer Woman's baked French toast recipe. This sounds like a gimmick to get away from The One True Toast, but it's not. It's very good, relatively easy to prepare, and offers you a bonus: Put it in the oven and go back to bed for forty-five minutes***.

*Or, if you are fortunate enough that your wife makes it herself count your blessings and move on.
**This is about the only thing I'm liberal about. Just so you know that it's really serious.
***You do all the prep work the night before, so there is that.
I see your pansy-ass French toast, and I raise you sticky buns.

We have moved beyond butter. We have moved beyond eggs.

We will all die of arterial sclerosis, but we will be very, very happy.


3 years ago

I made French toast for the first time ever yesterday morning. Amber had had some on a trip with friends and requested it. I used a "Joy of Cooking" recipe, but I wasn't sure how much to batter the bread, nor how long to cook it. This will take more practice, and different bread.



3 years ago


3 years ago

Aaaaaand, preempted by the governor declaring a state of emergency.
Mayoral press conference called the cancellation I was expecting - Tuesday and Wednesday.

I picked up the kids right after school, bypassing after-school programs - no point doing rush hour in the snow if it's not required.
Thing 1's school has already cancelled Tues and Wed and is sending the kids home with snowmwork for the week.

Thing 2's school still hasn't made a decision... like there was some doubt.