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A Request (To The Universe)

Please, universe and everyone in it, please -

Sometimes you say no to me. No, you are not going to hire me. No, you are not going to rent me that apartment. No, you do not have the thing and cannot get it for me. No, that is not possible. It will not happen.

These are never joyous moments. Also, these are moments we do not have to share. The information has been conveyed. Further processing is something we would probably all (I would certainly) be happier to do independently. I do not want to spend this next moment hearing that you wish things were otherwise, that you wish this were a universe in which you could pull the thing that I want out of your ear and present it to me on an antique cake plate, alongside a bouquet of flawless white roses. No matter how much we would both like that, you have already said it is not going to happen. And so I would like to limit these conversations to the vital information. "No," and perhaps as much as a single other sentence. "Please try us again in a few months," or "Sorry for the bad news."

Please just do this. You say no, and then we both move on. Alone. If you want us to move on together, you have to say yes. If you don't say yes, I need to get back to reading the help-wanteds.
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