RiceVermicelli (ricevermicelli) wrote,


Ever since I quit having cancer, my medical hobby is strep. I get it 2-3 times a year. I usually have strep at the hobbyist level - I go into my doctor with a sore throat and basically nothing else, and she doesn't believe me particularly, but the rapid strep test comes back positive and I go home with antibiotics. This time, though, I started to get sick on a Sunday (in a city with no Minute Clinics), which turns out to have been a spectacular opportunity to really get out there, and develop a platonic case of strep.

It's amazing. I had never really appreciated the depth of possibilities before. The places I can get to with just a little commitment, and the unexplored potential still out there! Scarletina! Rheumatic fever!

Actually, I'm staring at my antibiotics, wondering if I can move this along by taking them ahead of schedule.
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